Portfolio & Projects

We work on selected projects only. We are not some cheap Indian IT company that would work on any project for money. We have a great clientele that aims to change the current industry flow with their ideas & product. We are very selective about the work we do because the quality of our work will make a difference.


Eventerprise is connecting the world of events. User can search, review & share for various event suppliers. It helps user connect with correct eventers.

Connecting people across the globe is never easy. Eventerprise gives us the opportunity to help them connect people and help them organize events. We love to work with the core development team and help them implement various functionalities.


With help of IOT and awesomeness of RFID tags, WaveRDIF came up with a solution to help manage optical stores all over US. Managing inventory & sales becomes piece of cake with the application.

We are responsible for the development of API and Frontend of the application, along with implementing harware interation with Raspberry PI.


MunchAdo helps you discover food & restaurants in more than 60 cities of United States. It gives you an option to order a delivery or takeout, reserve a table and manage all your food.

We helped then develop the APIs, front-end & deployment process. We integrated the platform with solr to get the best results from the users. Realtime notification and analytics are just some of its features that we worked on.

React PWA

A highly scalable, Progressive Web Application foundation, boilerplate, with the best Developer Experience. Using PawJS we want to achieve fastest compiled SSR compliant development framework

This project is supported by many companies like DigitalOcean, BrowserStack, Eventerprise, and Individuals listed on OpenCollective.

Visit Github repo https://github.com/Atyantik/react-pwa for more details and updates

Team @ Atyantik developed this opensource project to contribute back to the community. React-PWA is result of hard work of many team members and sponsors on OpenCollective.

We have been working on many projects but cannot disclose their details due to Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). We take privacy very seriously.