Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

Fulfill the standard of what’s minimum & viable.

Using continuous innovation to create a radically successful business

To validate your plan, you need to focus and develop a substantial and relevant contact with potential customers. MVP precisely does that. It is a vital part of the build-measure-learn-loop (lean startup methodology) and therefore forms the groundwork for the development of a business model.

Understand client’s Expectations

Developing the proper product for your target audience is very crucial for startups or SMB’s without spending an excessive amount of money. The role of MVP begins here. The MVP lets you commence with less budget to engage users and get feedback that will help you develop a stronger product.

What MVP does

  • Helps to bring attention to the worth proposition & potency to the method.
  • Helps to know what issues we should be solving

Purpose of MVP

  • Creating a fan base before the final release of the product
  • To ensure the product fits into the market
  • To try theories
Venture capitalists (VCs) invests only in ideas or businesses that they believe can grow, make a profit and add value. MVP propels your business to your target consumers, so you can hear their feedback before spending a lot of money, so you know the success rate of the business and how feasible it is.
If users like your product even in its primitive form, it will make sure that your product has a market.
MVP allows you to radically change the direction of the business after gathering response from early adopters.

Establish value with a Flexible Business Model

MVP Development - The Atyantik Approach

We are determined to solve issues that matter and developing secure solutions that work. All that is needed is to use creativity to get the best out of the underlying potentials of the product.

Our competence

Our team has a vast knowledge of iterative and lean development methodologies. Whether you are a startup or an already established business, our professionals can assist you from idea validation to full brand launch.


The shortest feasible route to influence the market and acquire insight into the user experience is through the Mobile App MVP; it will also help you assess your product.

Performance Tools

Performance tools MVP provides you with a light-weight approach to assemble actionable metrics that assist you in creating data-driven choices.


Our team fully covers all the technical components (such as protection, measurability, and performance) that are vital to SaaS-based MVP.


We have extensive experience in developing e-commerce market-place to provide solutions that will connect sellers with buyers and service seekers with service providers.

Team Behind player Development

For any project to be successful, there’s always a tactical and resourceful team that makes sure that the project is on time, meets expected standards and is delivered successfully.

Business Analyst

Analyze and understands the business necessities

Project coordinator

Audit project itinerary, schedule work time, cost, and budget

Technical Mentor

Captains the team by using his problem-solving experience to guide teammates and takes care of other technical aspects.

UX Planner

Collects information via analysis and alternative means to assist teammates

UX Designer

Develops personas, wireframe, protype, and scenarios


Front-end Developer

Develops a simple, intuitive, and user-centric website


Builds a functional version of the brand

Quality Analyst

Ensures the standards remain high-quality by conducting tests

Delivery Manager

Ensures projects are delivered on time using the lean project management technique

Marketing contriver

Comes up with strategies that will meet all marketing goals and creates campaigns that will generate traffic.

Why Us?

We use the lean framework, which brings about agile development, higher scalabilities prospects, and fast responses to changes. We are also very transparent during all development stages.

Extremely Agile

Our response to changing market dynamics is rapid; we follow agile procedures to attain speed and quality

Extensive expertise and experience

With our extensive experience in delivering B2B and B2C solutions for all scales, Atyanik is one of the leading web development and design companies.

Respects Privacy

All confidential information you provide will be treated with respect through our optional non-disclosure agreement.

Dedicated Support

We believe that the client’s perception is our reality. For this reason, we provide committed business analysts that will always be at your service, giving you top-notch customer service.

Lower the Risk Involved with Scale Change using MVP

I've worked with Atyantik for a bit less than a year and I am thoroughly impressed. They strive to exceed our expectations and do repeatedly. They've taken ideas and plans that we've been working on and, with consultation, they add additional value, capability and flexibility within the scope of the original design. They are completely competent and responsive. They rock the development world.

Doug Johnson

I've worked with Atyantik on a number of projects. As our outsourced partner of choice, their development expertise has meant we've managed to deliver some really world class projects to our clients.

Jason Bagley

Firing Squad
Top Player! We are working with the two founders Tirth & Ajah since over 3 years on our platform which is built with an advanced tech stack. If you look for excellence which is competing with any top player - don't look further. I can strongly recommend Atyantik and we are ongoingly impressed with their development abilities. Thank you Tirth and Ajah for going at all times the extra mile.

Gotz Thumecke

"**Highly Recommended** They can transform dreams into reality using their experience. They work to develop relationships, not for money. I have had a great experience working with them."

Justin King