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Custom CRM Solutions

/* Acquire, Grow, and Retain Customers with Custom CRM Solutions. */

Make the right decisions supported by relevant and correct information – CRM Answers necessary queries for you

CRM solution, helps you draw digital power to optimize and automate different areas of operation. Our ever-ready team will assist you in designing, developing, planning, and deploy such solutions so you can make a well-informed decision. Some of the queries a CRM can answer for you include:

01 Customizable

Who is the target client?

What is the client value?

What is the client life cycle?

02 Identification

Do you know your customers’ needs?

How accessible are your products/services?

Is your business prepared for mobile transformation?

Do you provide a loyalty program?

03 Procurement

Are you providing quality client service?

Are you making use of the right communication channel?

Are you making more investments for client acquisition?

Are you targeting the right market sections?

04 Execution

Are you paying attention and responding to your clients?

Are your policies client-focused?

Are you making client journey maps?

Do you place customers on different sections according to their buying patterns?

Sectors we have served

Atyantik Technologies provides you with an opportunity to grow with your development skills. We work with projects.
  • Ensures you understand a client’s buying pattern
  • Assists you to focus on personalization on a broader range
  • Organize lead acquisition and contact management without interruption
  • Enhances team collaboration and increase productivity
Large Enterprises
  • Helps to centralize the marketing process, so the ROI of every element in the campaign is known
  • Conduct client’s interaction at every time necessary
  • Get a better view of the business as a whole

Our Method of Developing Custom E-Commerce Solution

We work together with you to build a custom e-commerce solution that suits your business requirements. This is what we do:

CRM plans

Presenting a client relationship management system in your business is a significant decision. We will help you take note and address specific challenges that can be solved using a CRM solution.

CRM alliance

Reform your sales and marketing activities by integrating live chat, email, enterprise resource management system etc. in one CRM system.

CRM shift

If you are in a complex business setting, you should confront challenges by upgrading/migrating to a new version of CRM to stay relevant.


Enhance awareness for your brand and create credibility by the means of our franchise partners. You can display and sell our services to your local clients and quickly grow your market reach.

We are experts in the following areas of custom CRM development

We empower you to create a direct connection with your clients using custom CRM solutions. Depending on the activities of your business, the CRM can be built around your process to prioritize peculiar needs.

  • Employee training
  • Third-Party integration
  • Process customisation
  • Lead management
  • In-depth news
  • Process automation
  • Pipeline management
  • Contact management
  • Mobile CRM
  • Sales analytics
  • Email integration
  • Customer service
  • Campaign management

Why select us?

Choosing a custom CRM solution partner is equivalent to finding the right business partner. Your business’s short and long term goals are important to us, so we create a strategy that will help us share a common objective.
  • Client friendly
  • Agile development
  • Transparent process

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