About us

Atyantik means Ultimate

The Ultimate Technology Maniacs

We are a group of technology maniacs, extremely passionate about coding which means we do all the IT related tasks, so our clients do not have to. We bring passion to bear on client’s project and work hard to achieve the desired results. Our main aim is to provide our clients with cost effectiveup to date and relevant software solutions. We love to constantly upgrade our technologies and keep our clients informed about new developments.


Design services for all kinds of enterprises, reputed brands and professionals-from website to mobile apps, graphics to logo, we design everything for our clients. Clean & competent based design.


We build innovative web solutions for different industries and constantly strive to go beyond programming paradigms. Our unique development approach is ideal for startups to launch their product fast.


Whoever are your customers, wherever they are based, with our wide spectrum of online marketing services, we will find them and we will connect them with you.

Our Process


After gathering requirements, business analysts & concerned team (design / development / marketing) analyze the project’s complexity and decides delivery timeframe.


Based on the scope & deadline of the project, we strategize agile development methodology to ensure optimum outcome in the most efficient manner.


We begin to give shape to your project by creating rich wireframes, check their intuitiveness, and then create their PSD for their visual appeal.


Once the design skeletons are ready, our design team begins the magic work on your website – giving it flawless look & feel across all devices.


Secure, fast, and impeccable micro-moments – our developers build not just a website or app, but create an experience for your users.


Our rigorous design & functionality tests detect the tiniest of the bugs in developed web platforms and ensure their effective elimination.


Once ensured that your website/app doesn’t have any design, functionality, & scalability issues – we give it the green light to go live.


We believe in building long-term relationship with our clients, thus, after project delivery we offer a 1-year free technical support.

Bring Operational Ease with Personalized CMS

Our Clients Say

I've worked with Atyantik for a bit less than a year and I am thoroughly impressed. They strive to exceed our expectations and do repeatedly. They've taken ideas and plans that we've been working on and, with consultation, they add additional value, capability and flexibility within the scope of the original design. They are completely competent and responsive. They rock the development world.

Doug Johnson

I've worked with Atyantik on a number of projects. As our outsourced partner of choice, their development expertise has meant we've managed to deliver some really world class projects to our clients.

Jason Bagley

Firing Squad
Top Player! We are working with the two founders Tirth & Ajah since over 3 years on our platform which is built with an advanced tech stack. If you look for excellence which is competing with any top player - don't look further. I can strongly recommend Atyantik and we are ongoingly impressed with their development abilities. Thank you Tirth and Ajah for going at all times the extra mile.

Gotz Thumecke

I have worked with the Atyantik team for just under 3 years in my tenure at a SaaS company and I love working with them. Their willingness to always go above and beyond the required task is unmatched. Whenever an emergency crops up, even after hours, they are always willing to investigate and solve the problem immediately. Their willingness to adapt to change and the results they bring to the table always impress and their attention to detail is unmatched. The quality of their code and their pride in their work is well deserved. I would highly recommend the team at Atyantik for any development projects you may have.

Derek Hills

Howick Insurance Brokers
"**Highly Recommended** They can transform dreams into reality using their experience. They work to develop relationships, not for money. I have had a great experience working with them."

Justin King



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