Atyantik Technologies Private Limited

Atyantik technologies is a software company based in gujarat servicing the needs of all businesses ranging from midsize to large ones. we have a highly cost effective and flexible delivery model comprised of onsite, offsite and offshore resources. we take full responsibility for the successful delivery of project management from inception to implementation. our prime focus is to make great and successful projects.

We execute your dreams

We execute your dreams

Beware:: execution process consumes lots of pizza and coffee!

Once a visionary was questioned, “If you are granted a wish, what would you ask for? Money or Success?”, he replied very beautifully, “Loyal & obedient teammates”.

Success is measured by other people, satisfaction comes from within. A visionary can only be satisfied with Loyal & Obedient teammates who believe in his vision and provide their skills for attaining goals.

 Happiness is progressing with a team on the road of success!

About us

The Ultimate Technology Maniacs

Atyantik means Ultimate

We are a group of technology maniacs, extremely passionate about coding which means we do all the IT related tasks, so our clients do not have to. We bring passion to bear on client’s project and work hard to achieve the desired results. Our main aim is to provide our clients with cost effective, up to date and relevant software solutions. We love to constantly upgrade our technologies and keep our clients informed about new developments.

Do not hire us!

Looking for experts?

Hiring to us is just creating a temporary relationship! Make us your teammates, you share your thoughts and we share our input. We love to innovate. Give us the opportunity to be your teammates and create something so wonderful that it exceeds all expectations!

 We understand your dreams and have the capability to execute it. Let us create a long lasting relationship

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