The long awaited React 16.8.0 with hooks is now released and as you all know the team at Atyantik Technologies constantly works on improving ReactPWA, so we tested out the code with the new react version and are happy to announce release of @pawjs/pawjsv2.3.0 with support to React hooks, thus releasing ReactPWA v2.2.3

Goodness of React v16.8.0

If you are aware of React hooks, you already know how much it would help user to reduce code and thus creating small bundle packages. if you are not aware of the goodness of react hooks do take a look at below links:

+30% code reduction

We observed in the projects we implemented that we can reduce code by 30% which is a very big achievement. With non-class or functional code JavaScript minifiers does does not have to worry about preserving the class name and class method names thus the minified code is even better

Faster rendering

We saw improved rendering in DOM as there is reduction in the nested DOM structure which is great!

Upgrading to latest version

if you are already using ReactPWA all you need to do is as below:

Step 1. remove old @pawjs/pawjs and react version if you installed it manually

npm r @pawjs/pawjs react react-dom

WHY? because there are some conflicts if you have two react version!

Step 2. Upgrade to latest @pawjs/pawjs version in your existing app

npm i @pawjs/[email protected]

And that is all folks! You should have access to latest React v16.8.

Fresh checkout

If you are trying out ReactPWA for the first time just download the latest release of ReactPWA v2.2.3

Officially Introducing: TypeScript

With stable release of @pawjs/pawjsv2.3.0 we are now supporting TypeScript in ReactPWA with support to ES6 as well (yes all mixed together). We are enjoying typescript and are planning to upgrade PawJS fully with React v16.8 hooks and TypeScript, because it is awesome.

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