Partner Program & Engagement Models

Partner Programs &

Engagement Models

For a Better Tomorrow

Businesses are Better Together

When different companies work together, the understanding of industry-specific
challenges is deepened. We always work on the belief that partnerships benefit
everyone – businesses, employees, and customers. Our partnership program will help

  • Expand Reach
  • Reduce Costs
  • Add Value
  • Explore Channels

Add Value with our Partnership Programs

Through our partnership programs, we are committed to building simple, effective,
and honest partnerships that together provide products and services to customers.

Private Label

We become your outsourcing partners and deliver the desired final project. Client communication, billing, and ownership of account will be done under your name.


Generate a passive channel of customer acquisition. You just have to share information on mature leads and we will give you a certain percentage of profit from converted ones.


Increase brand awareness and build credibility through our franchise partnership. You can market and sell our services to your local customers and expand your market reach easily.

Strategic Alliance

Offer our existing services and develop a co-branded partnership with us. With this program, you can expand your consumer base and offer additional value to the customer.

Change the Future by Rethinking the Role of Technology in Business.

Our Client-Centric Engagement Models

For collaboration, a unique strategy is required that works in sync with our three
engagement models. They are flexible and can be personalized to suit the client’s
business requirements. Here are our engagement models through which we try to
add value for our clients.

Fixed Time

This model involves allotment of fixed budget and time for the completion of the project.

Choose this model if:
  • Requirements are clear and well defined.
  • Project duration is determined.
Approach we Adopt:
  • Client discuss requirements with us.
  • We provide time frame and estimate cost.
  • Client is updated daily / weekly /monthly.

Dedicated Team

By choosing this model, you can hire a designer or developer from our team on monthly basis.

Choose this model if:
  • Best suited for long-term projects.
  • Establish consistent communication.
Approach we Adopt:
  • The client interviews each team member.
  • Client shares the requirement.
  • Client communicates daily via Skype.

Hourly Billing

Hourly billing model enables our client to have more control over project progress and cost.

Choose this model if:
  • The requirements keep changing.
  • Project duration cannot be determined.
Approach we Adopt:
  • Client discusses the requirements.
  • Client can change the requirements anytime.
  • Billing is done hourly for the work done.

Why Us?

With proven experience in development, design, mobile applications, online
marketing, and product development, we have established ourselves as an industry
leaders. For each project; we work with our client to identify their business goals &
guide them to make informed decisions.

  • Expand Reach
  • Reduce Costs
  • Add Value
  • Explore Channels

Strengthen your Value Proposition with Better Solutions.