We are so happy to announce the launch of our new site. It’s more simple, more informative and more HELPFUL.

Simplicity is awesome

Why not just update the old one?

We are artists and developers at Atyantik Technologies and we wanted a platform that not only promotes our work but is helpful to others as well.

Also we are learning a lot about WordPress, Woo-commerce, WPML, ReactJS, Laravel, Zend Framework, SASS etc. We have improved a lot. We want our site to reflect those improvements.

We are awesome.. Come meet us.


Team @ Atyantik
Its an opportunity for everyone at Atyantik Technologies to present themselves to the World.

There is nothing wrong in making mistakes, it’s a sign that you are trying. We encourage everyone @ Atyantik to write about their findings/learnings and to improve their work by sharing it with everyone.


We are not just going to write blogs, we are going to write tutorials and to publish series. It’s not just about technical stuff, we have philosophers around us who have a lot to say.

Not just programming eh?


As I mentioned earlier, we are artists and we love to do random graphics. Its just what we do.

We do what we love to do 😉

Atyantik is all about being “Ultimate”. We face lot of technical challenges implementing new technologies and we work hard to solve the problems and overcome the challenges. We want to share it all. Want to write awesome reusable libraries and publish them as open-source and lot more.

echo "BTW we implemented PrismJS, to make the code look more beautiful. Its Cool.";