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We’re a leading web designing company delivering the best of our expertise to a worldwide clientele since 2007. Atyantik’s web designing arm is composed of creative professionals with over decades of experience under their belts. Whether you want a website designed from scratch or want an existing one spruced up a bit, we can help.

Why Hire Atyantik Web Designers?

Exceptional Quality

Your website’s design can make or break your chances of running a successful online business. That’s why we at Atyantik undertake all designing matters with due care. By operating on a well-defined process and adhering closely to client’s requirements, our experts create exceptional web designs that compliment your business value and enhance the appeal to the target audience.

Timely Updates

Client service always remains a top priority for us. To that end, our designing professionals continuously share progress reports with a client until completion. Conversely, a client can also connect with us through email, Skype or a contact number to discuss any queries or updates. This way all directives are carried out in a timely and orderly manner.

Resource Compatibility

After carefully understanding your project requirements, our business analysts identify the most compatible candidate to work with you. Once hired, that resource is committed to your project alone for the daily allocated hours, responding only to your queries and feedback. This way, both the client and the hired resources can establish a symbiotic working relationship.

Flexible Pricing

We offer various flexible pricing options to choose from. Clients can hire our dedicated web designers on hourly, part-time or weekly basis depending on their budget and project requirements. This way Atyantik allows its clients to define their own pace and take things forward accordingly. Rest assured the quality of our web designing stays consistent across all the pricing options.

Intellectual Property Rights

At Atyantik, we treat clients’ ideas with the highest regard. That’s why right off the bat, by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we put our clients’ minds at ease with regards to project confidentiality and privacy. Upon project completion, the client can also acquire intellectual property rights and reselling rights from Atyantik on the entire design and development work.

Work Satisfaction

We create websites that are easy to operate and delightful to look at. But we do that in a time and cost-effective manner. Strict compliance to a set of quality and performance standards enables us to deliver optimum value proposition to our clients. Even after the project completion, our experts continue to offer support to keep your website looking neat and tidy.

Hands-On Latest Tech

We’ve got plenty of experience but we don’t take our eyes off the future. At Atyantik, huge emphasis is placed on staying updated with the latest design technologies and conventions. We create future-proof web designs that are flexible and adaptive to new devices and technology. This approach ultimately saves maintenance and upgradation cost in the long-run.

Prompt Support

We don’t leave you on your own once the project is completed. A prompt and responsive support team is always there to take your queries and help resolve any issues you might encounter at the earliest. Client satisfaction is a deeply entrenched ethos in the work culture of Atyantik and it’s chiefly responsible for our large and strong client base.

How To Hire A Web Designer


Project Journey

Once the contract is signed and payment is transferred, our designing professionals start working on the project. Regular reporting is done to ensure everything is moving towards client’s vision.


Designer Shortlisting

Based on the requirement analysis, we ascertain the skill level needed to work on the project. Next, we start shortlisting the most suitable web designers to take on the project.


Evaluation & Selection

The shortlisted designers then go through an evaluation process, wherein clients can personally interview the selected candidate to ensure they’re teaming up with the right professional for the project.


Contract Sign Up

Upon the designing professional’s selection, clients receive a detailed contracted comprising all the services, estimated delivery & price. The project gets underway once client makes the payment.


Designer Shortlisting

Based on the requirement analysis, we ascertain the skill level needed to work on the project. Next, we start shortlisting the most suitable web designers to take on the project.

Our Expertise

  • Website Designing
  • Logo & Banners Designing
  • Template Designing
  • Maintenance & Upgradation of existing websites
  • Setting Up Websites On Template Designs
  • Offshore Website Design & Development
  • Complex Projects With Tight Deadlines

Our Portfolio

Because we don’t want you to merely believe in what we say, but see what we do.


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