Jack of none, master of one!

 – Every developer at Atyantik Technologies

We provide development, implementation, consulting, technical support services for a wide range of open source technologies and products. With our open source solutions, we enable enterprises to minimize the cost of application development and lower total cost of ownership. Here’s an overview of our open source services:

  • Roadmap / Strategy – Design, build, integrate systems and provide strategies to choose the right from open source technology for your IT projects.
  • Architectural Consulting – Architectural services for open source technologies that include best-fit analysis and recommendations.
  • Software and Web Development – POCs (proof of concepts), software applications, and help enterprises to successfully migrate to newer technologies.
  • Support & Maintenance – Extended support for product upgrades and application modernization services.

Open Source Solutions

We are open source enthusiast and believe that open source is going the change the world of development, Giants like Microsoft, Netflix, Airbnb, IBM have chosen open source technologies over closed source technologies.

Open source technologies are transforming the way software applications are developed and deployed. Atyantik Technologies has been helping enterprises adopt open source technologies to achieve their strategic IT goals. With our open source solutions, we enable enterprises to minimize the cost of application development. Further, our open source services help enterprises improve productivity, performance and maximize efficiency.
Through our Open Source Development, our customers experience the best ERP, CMS and E-commerce arrangements. 

With a promising team of highly skilled software developers and technology experts, we help our clients quickly adapt to change using latest open source technologies. Our team is highly experienced in building complex software applications across verticals using emerging open source technologies. We provide open source solutions to help solve some of the most complex business challenges and enable our clients to stay lean and competitive.

Why choose Atyantik?

Cost Advantage

By making use of open source technologies, we pass on the cost advantage to our clients.

Lower Maintenance

The open source tools we utilize are license free and the cost of scaling up is minimal, as it does not require additional licenses.

Better Control

Open source technologies allow our clients to have better control of the application developed.

Security & Quality

We make sure that we utilize open source technologies that are highly secure.