Serverless video management and sharing platform

At a Glance: The requirement here was to create a platform that can handle any video file uploaded. The platform should convert it to appropriate formats supported by different browsers. The app should also optimize it for different screens and create multiple-bitrate variants for the video. So that a user can experience a seamless video […]

Universally accessible web application

At a Glance: One of our clients wanted to have a mobile app for their existing web application that should run on both ios and Android. It should be lightweight and fast and should be easily accessible but not bounded to hybrids apps. Outcomes: A web application working for both ios and Android with push […]

Going online with cost-effective e-commerce solution

At a glance A significant wine seller in the UK decided to shift from traditional brick and mortar model to e-commerce model. We helped them in moving their entire business online. Outcomes: 65% cost savings. Improved customer experience. 45% increase in profits Challenges Choosing the right technology & partners Keeping it cost effective Smooth Transition […]