Atyantik Technologies provide you with an opportunity to grow with your development skills. We work with projects that are normally ignored by many software development companies due to complexities. We love to take on the challenge, study it, and execute it with a great team effort.

Atyantik was built in mind to improve the IT culture, where development should not be something that needs to be delivered by the end of the day, it should be something that can be enjoyed like poetry or a beer. Everyone at Atyantik loves to share their findings and help improve each other by writing blogs.

We believe in employee exposure and motivate them to write blogs, contribute to an open-source project and also create some open-source projects of their own. We believe in expanding horizons and getting feedback from all over the world.

Great Leaders are not born leaders, neither they are created in a day. It takes a great leadership to guide and nurture leaders of tomorrow.

– Atyantik Technologies

We have created great leaders at Atyantik and are really proud of them. With constant improvement and learning, they have increased our pride every day. But it is not just about development and learning, We believe in Work Hard & Play Hard. Checkout some fun pics of our team members below:

Lion’s Den Girnar

Founder’s Cabin – Independence Day

The Patriotic Team – Go India

Garba Celebrations

Food for team – by the Manager

Caravan Resort

Independence Day – Team’s Work space

A Pizza Party

Pani Puri Treat

Atyantik Gals!

Caravan Resort – Just arrived

The Patriotic Team – Selfie

Award winners

The best dressed – Traditional Day

Rangoli winners – 2018

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