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Comparative Analysis: Laravel Livewire, Splade, and Inertia.js

Laravel Livewire, Inertia.js, and Splade are robust Laravel packages for creating dynamic web applications. Livewire focuses on PHP-driven interactive components, Inertia.js blends server-side and client-side rendering for SPAs, and Splade combines Blade’s simplicity with SPA capabilities. The choice between these tools depends on project needs and developer comfort with PHP and JavaScript.

Livewire vs. Traditional Laravel: What’s the Difference?

Explore the differences between Laravel Livewire and Traditional Laravel in this article. Discover how Livewire simplifies building dynamic interfaces entirely in PHP, contrasted with Laravel’s traditional model. Learn about development processes, component-based architecture, real-time updates, and how Livewire could be the right choice for your project.

The Dawn of Laravel Livewire v3: A New Chapter in Laravel Ecosystem

Laravel Livewire v3, set for release on July 20th, 2023, brings transformative features to Laravel development. With a new Alpine-based core, automatic script injections, hot reloading, and more, it promises to enhance the Laravel development experience. This release is a testament to Caleb Porzio’s vision and the collaborative effort of the open-source community.