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SurrealDB: A New Age of Database Management

/* by Ajay Patel - June 26, 2023 */

Are you seeking innovative solutions to manage data for your applications? Welcome to the realm of SurrealDB, a next-generation multi-model database designed for tomorrow’s applications.

Why Choose SurrealDB

SurrealDB is a NewSQL cloud database tailored for a wide range of applications including serverless, Jamstack, single-page, and traditional applications. Here are some of the key reasons why SurrealDB stands out:

  1. Easy to develop: SurrealDB is easy to use, requiring no complex database languages to get started. You can start with a simple command, and advanced features are also easy to understand.
  2. Faster building: It simplifies your database and API stack, eliminating the need for most server-side components. As a web database, client-side applications can connect directly to SurrealDB, although traditional server-side techniques can also leverage its querying and analytics abilities.
  3. Quicker scaling: SurrealDB removes the hassle of scaling databases, servers, load balancers, and API endpoints. It offers a highly available, highly scalable distributed platform that can be deployed anywhere.

Key Features

SurrealDB brings a host of remarkable features:

  • Multi-model database: SurrealDB allows developers to use multiple techniques to store and model data, with the flexibility of advanced nested fields and arrays, and efficient related queries without the use of JOINs.
  • Integrated API layer and security: SurrealDB merges the database layer, the querying layer, and the API and authentication layer into one platform, providing granular data access patterns for different types of users.
  • Advanced inter-document relations and analysis: It offers advanced querying and analysis by connecting records (or vertices) with edges, each with its own record properties and metadata. Multi-table, multi-depth document retrieval is possible without complicated JOINs.
  • Schema definition: SurrealDB allows you to define your database and API schema in one place, with column rules and constraints specified just once. This eliminates the need for custom API code and GraphQL integration.
  • Connectivity: Connect directly to SurrealDB from any end-user client device. It supports efficient bi-directional queries, responses, and notifications over WebSocket connections.
  • Querying options: It supports multiple querying options including SurrealQL, GraphQL (coming soon), CRUD over REST, and JSON-RPC over WebSockets.
  • Realtime live queries and data changes: Data modifications are pushed in real time to clients, applications, end-user devices, and server-side libraries.
  • Scalability: SurrealDB can be scaled effortlessly to hundreds of nodes for high-availability and scalability, making use of special techniques when handling multi-table transactions.
  • JavaScript and WebAssembly functions: Advanced custom functionality is possible with embedded JavaScript functions, moving computation logic to the data layer.
  • Embeddable and distributable: Built entirely in Rust as a single library, SurrealDB can be used as both an embedded database library with advanced querying functionality, and as a database server operating in a distributed cluster.
  • Improved data modelling: SurrealDB provides the flexibility to store data in various formats including simple documents, documents with embedded fields, or related graph connections between records.

Integration Possibilities

SurrealDB’s versatility allows for a wide range of integrations with different technologies, making it a perfect choice for developers looking to enhance their tech stack. From serverless applications to traditional ones, SurrealDB seamlessly fits into any tech stack.

Keep an eye on this space for more detailed guides on how to integrate SurrealDB with various technologies.


SurrealDB is a highly scalable, flexible, and developer-friendly NewSQL database that guarantees a seamless data management experience. Whether you are building a new application or looking for ways to improve your existing ones, SurrealDB offers unmatched versatility and financial value.

Get started with SurrealDB today and experience the future of database management!