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Author: Ajay Patel

Understanding Laravel Folio: A Guide for Beginners and Intermediate Developers

Laravel Folio, introduced at LaraconUS 2023, is a new automatic file and directory-based routing system for Laravel. This feature allows developers to map a route to a specific file or folder, similar to file-based routing systems in frameworks like NextJS or NuxtJS. How Laravel Folio Works After installing Folio into your Laravel application, you can […]

Debugging Easier with Laravel 10.x’s New toRawSql() Method

Laravel 10.x introduces toRawSql(), a new method to print raw SQL queries with bindings, making debugging easier. Paired with ddRawSql() and dumpRawSql(), it enhances the developer experience.

Comparative Analysis: Laravel Livewire, Splade, and Inertia.js

Laravel Livewire, Inertia.js, and Splade are robust Laravel packages for creating dynamic web applications. Livewire focuses on PHP-driven interactive components, Inertia.js blends server-side and client-side rendering for SPAs, and Splade combines Blade’s simplicity with SPA capabilities. The choice between these tools depends on project needs and developer comfort with PHP and JavaScript.

HTMX vs React: A Comparative Analysis for Modern Web Development

Explore the world of htmx, a powerful JavaScript library that lets you build dynamic web applications using only HTML. This beginner’s guide introduces key htmx concepts and features, walking you through installation to creating a simple application. Embrace the power of htmx and revolutionize your web development process.

Interfacing the IoT: Automated Lighting with ESP8266 and Kotlin’s Jetpack Compose & Ktor

Discover IoT interfacing with ESP8266 and Kotlin! Transform an ordinary bulb into a ‘smart bulb’ with our detailed guide using Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, and Ktor.

Laravel SaaS Development: Navigating the Challenges

Building a Laravel-based SaaS application involves managing database connections, data isolation, package integration, testing, and flexibility. Third-party packages like ‘Tenancy for Laravel’ can help overcome these challenges and simplify the process.

Web.dev: A Premier Learning Path for Aspiring Frontend Developers

Explore web.dev’s comprehensive learning path for aspiring frontend developers. Discover courses on privacy, accessibility, HTML, image management, responsive design, forms, progressive web apps, and CSS. Dive into this invaluable resource and accelerate your frontend development journey.

Livewire vs. Traditional Laravel: What’s the Difference?

Explore the differences between Laravel Livewire and Traditional Laravel in this article. Discover how Livewire simplifies building dynamic interfaces entirely in PHP, contrasted with Laravel’s traditional model. Learn about development processes, component-based architecture, real-time updates, and how Livewire could be the right choice for your project.

Filament PHP: A Laravel Artisan’s Elegant TALL Kit

Explore the elegance of Filament PHP for rapid Laravel application development. Leverage the power of the TALL stack and Atyantik Technologies’ expertise for efficient, maintainable applications: Discover Filament’s user-friendly admin panel, intuitive form builder, dynamic table builder, and powerful notifications.

SurrealDB: A New Age of Database Management

SurrealDB is a versatile NewSQL cloud database designed for tomorrow’s applications. Its simplicity, speed, and scalability make it an ideal choice for developers. With unique features like multi-model data storage, integrated API layer and security, advanced inter-document relations, and support for various querying options, SurrealDB streamlines the data management process. Furthermore, its flexibility allows for seamless integration with various technologies, enhancing any tech stack. Experience the future of database management with SurrealDB.

Unleashing Creativity with Anime.js: Building Dynamic and Stunning Websites

Explore Anime.js, a lightweight JavaScript animation library for crafting dynamic, visually stunning websites. Its robust features – from staggering system, layered CSS transforms, to extensive controls – make it an ideal tool for web developers to elevate their web designs.

The Dawn of Laravel Livewire v3: A New Chapter in Laravel Ecosystem

Laravel Livewire v3, set for release on July 20th, 2023, brings transformative features to Laravel development. With a new Alpine-based core, automatic script injections, hot reloading, and more, it promises to enhance the Laravel development experience. This release is a testament to Caleb Porzio’s vision and the collaborative effort of the open-source community.

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